What do You do when a beloved one passes on?

When a beloved one passes on it is important to contact your preferred Funeral Director who will help you to  plan and organise  a funeral for your beloved one. B3 has a 24 hours , 7 days a week dedicated funeral consultants waiting to assist you during that time of need  giving you a service beyond Ubuntu.

B3 Insurance Brokers offers a range of Funeral Insurance Products that are  specifically tailor-made to address  the diverse Funeral Needs of B3's client base. Given the ever escalating costs of Funerals, the unbearable stress associated the the passing on of a loved  one, B3 once again has crafted new Insurance products which offer the following valuable benefits :

  • Pre -Funeral Fund
  • Funeral Fund
  • Catering 
  • Post Funeral Fund
  • B3 Loyalty Program
  • B3 Legal Services

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