About B3 Funeral

B3 is an Authorised Financial Services Provider. The Batho Batsho Bakopane group (B3) was established by inspired and resourceful Business professionals in June 1991 as a broad insurance broking business. It is fully owned and managed by black entrepreneurs. The end of the eighties saw the marketing of funeral policies taking a less prominent role in  the life assurance industry, save for the provision of such products through group schemes  and no longer as individual family policies.


B3 adjusted its marketing strategy accordingly and the rise of a new force in the marketing of funeral policies began. Entry into the funeral undertaking business became a natural and logical move after the success of the funeral assurance business.

The arrival of B3 in these sectors of business laid the foundation for higher competitive business practices and B3 relentlessly became the trendsetters. Today B3 is a well known brand for the provision of funeral services and assurance. 

B3 therefore has its roots in the African tradition of Ubuntu, that  is “we are “ who we are because the people recognized and appreciated that “we should be”.  We recognized that we are successful because we treat our clients with respect, offering them a quality service, and the realization of greater value for their money.

Our business is one of compassion, providing support to people when they need it the most. Their choice of B3 as their service provider is testimony to correctness of our strategies and application of the practices.

Our Motto

  • For Service Beyond Ubuntu

Our Vision

  • To be the only choice Choice Funeral Assurance Broking and Unique Funeral Service Provider in Our Chosen Markets

Our Mission

To Innovatively provide outstanding products and  satisfaction to our clients through the utilisation of:

  • Professional and Courteous staff 
  • Technologically Advanced systems
  • Tailor-made Superior products

Our Values:

Company values bind the following:

  • Tradition of customer service
  • Service Excellence
  • Vision of the Future
  • Innovative products and Services
  • B3's products and Services are always subjected to review so as to improve them to suit the changing needs of our valued customers and clients.

B3 has gone beyond providing only for the actual funeral.We have pioneer the following trendsetting products;

  • Pre-Funeral fund
  • Grocery fund
  • Catering
  • Accessories 
  • These benefits are unheard of in the Funeral Services and Funeral Assurance Industry

Our Business

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